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Essential oils can deepen your yoga exercises and adds a wonderful touch to your yoga practice. Yogi's often know and feel that Yoga and Well-being are inextricably linked with each other. Essential oils can affect your well-being and can give you beautiful experiences. Scents bring back memories or let you dream away to faraway places. Scents can inspire, relax you deeply, or give you an energy boost to get more out of yourself and your day.

It is wonderful to add essential oils to your yoga practice, for example by evaporating them in a diffuser or in diluted form to the ankles, wrists or lower back.

Essential oils are extremely powerful and can trigger allergic reactions or heavy negative emotions. Do you as a yoga teacher are conscious about the power of essential oils? Do you know how to use them safely? Are you prepared when a student responds badly to a certain oil or touch?

We are preparing an online yoga & aromatherapy course for yoga teachers to learn you about the good and the risks of adding essential oils to your yoga lessons. How to use them the best and safest way, and we provide you with tools on what to do when an allergic or negative emotional reaction appears during the yoga practice with one of your students. 

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