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What is Guasha?

Guasha is a traditional Chinese and well practised over wider Asian countries, health and skincare method with massage techniques called ‘scraping’. Promoting blood circulation and better flow of QI energy and healthy-looking skin. You can book a session with a professional or for a lighter daily care massage you can use a guasha tool at home.

Before and during treatment, guasha oil is applied to the skin. This is an important step to prevent skin damage. Where oil has been applied to the skin, you can start to “scrape” with the guasha scraper. Also, the scraping direction is of importance. Follow the instructions that come with your tool carefully.


Repeating the movement several times will help to remove blockages in your flow. During your moves it’s natural your skin gets a bit red, this will go away. The more you practice, the less red your skin will be and the healthier the glow.

The scraping moves together with the body oil provides detoxification of the body. It is therefore advisable to drink some extra water afterwards.

Because we get a better flow of blood and energy and because the nervous system starts to function better, our entire body revitalizes, including the mental/psychological part.

Guasha therapy can be beneficial preventive promote a healthy body and to relieve certain problems such as:

• All pain syndromes

• Movement-limiting complaints

• Neck and Shoulder complaints

• Back problems

• Arm and hand complaints

• Stress, Burnout

• Rheumatic complaints

• Digestive disorders

• Metabolic disorders