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Online Aromatherapy consult

Are you interested in personal advice on a specific personal skin problem or stress related issues? We offer you an online consult ! We offer these consults in English and Dutch. 

With us you get advise and personalized skincare products, ordered safely from your home.

Although the sound of natural skincare is very innocent, Essential oils are extremely powerful. They can harm if not used in a safe way.  In this consult, we will send you a file with a questionnaire to complete. We go through this thoroughly with a certified Naturopath & Aromatherapist and will be in touch if additional info is needed.

You will receive personal skincare advice. Which ingredients and products you could use best or better avoid. And in addition, we will go deeper into your personal needs to see if we can help you make some real changes in your life related to food and lifestyle. We look very much forward to share our passion with you!

We start with sending you a questionnaire. Based on your answers to this survey, we will send you detailed answers with advice on skincare, nutrition and mindfulness exercises. We can also offer to make your personalized skincare (not included in the consult prize). 


 The Aromatherapists



Aromatherapist in heart and soul. Specialized in Mother & child Aromatherapy. Effective, fun and easy to apply the integration of Aromatherapy in your daily skincare routine. As a mother of four, she became an expert in taking good care of herself and her children in the best practical, natural and safe way. With her creative, caring and loving ideas she will help you improve the quality of life and skincare goals for you and your family.




When everything in my world was about standing by my beloved in an extremely difficult to cure medical condition, the desire to restore the imbalance with pure and natural ingredients in nutrition and skincare became real. I saw good results and I started to study everything available on Aromatherapy and Mindfulness and experimented with making massage oils, creams and serums. Like magic, my products became a brand and I feel blessed I was able to make a lot of products since then. Aromatherapy is like an endlessly interesting study. A still-growing field of experimenting with yet undiscovered flowers, roots and plant materials to help us restore balance our bodies and souls. Magic in a bottle.