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Moods is personal, luxurious, botanical skincare. Founded in 2008 with ateliers in the Netherlands and the Italian and French Riviera. Making aesthetic products with a passion for design, botanics, flowers, herbs, crystals and minerals. With the greatest respect for nature, we purchase ingredients of the highest quality honestly and sustainably.

Moods is about taking care of yourself, body, mind and soul. We would like to encourage you to create a moment of well-being for yourself - even if it is small - in everyday life. Our spa skincare products are made with natural ingredients and an extra magical touch of gemstone elixir. We offer custom spa products along with various rollers and Gua Sha facial massage tools.

About me and my Flowerlab: My name is Bernadette. I started aromatherapy about 15 years ago. I am really fascinated by the power of nature. Besides essential oils I also work with phytotherapy (plants and herbs) and gemstones. As a clinically certified aromatherapist I also offer skin care and lifestyle consultations.

The name 'Moods' relates to our state of mind, our emotions and how the power of nature can affect your well-being in a very powerful and positive way.

The seahorse in our logo symbolizes the purity and balance of nature, which is very important for our products.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our products and services. If you have an idea or request, I will be happy to help you! info@moodsskincare.com