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detachable roller

Roller 2-1 box Rose Quartz & Jade

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Difficulty choosing the right stone for you? Here's a good solution. Try this 2-1 box with detachable rollers. Convenient and nice to change gemstone roller with your mood of the day! 

Jade provides harmony and balance and attracts prosperity and happiness. 
The stone works on the heart chakra and thereby promotes love, care and tolerance.  It is also a good travel stone for protection on the road. Jade works physically cleansing, removes toxins and brings balance. 


Rose quartz is about love love love. known as the "Stone of Love" the message that it radiates is a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and emotional healing. It reduces stress, brings happiness and peace to the soul. Rose quartz is a gem of the heart, whose energies help to open up to all forms of love.