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Jade flower roller

Jade flower roller

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Wonderful solid Facial massage tool with Jade rollers and flower handle. Comes with a gift box. Both Jade and the massage rollers have a great impact on your skin. This Asian ancient beauty ritual massages the skin and face muscles gently. Jade is known to help relax the nervous system and eliminates toxins from the skin. Balances body & mind.
Jade comes in many different colors. Bright green is the most valuable variety.

About the Gemstone Jade:

For modern crystal lovers, Jade remains a classic choice for abundance, wealth, and good fortune. Jade is a crystal for getting to know yourself, an important factor behind its legacy of luck and success. Because when you know yourself - when you get really clear and honest about who you are and why you came here - you can't help but focus your time and energy on things that are in natural alignment with your gifts and skills. Which leads to success and 'luck' in the material world, as well as a deep, fulfilling sense of prosperity.