About Moods

Moods stands for taking care of yourself, body, mind and soul. Encouraging you to create a moment of wellness – even if it’s small – in everyday life.

Being grateful. With a calm, confident mind and soul, feeling good about yourself. And of course, celebrate life and spoil yourself! Search for your soul, listen for what it asks of you, learn where to go to find your answers, deep within yourself, when you feel lost. Unlock your spirit and join us on this wonderful rocky journey! Hoping our experiences will help you find your destiny, with a short cut…..

Our Spa skincare products are made with natural ingredients and an extra magic touch of Gemstone elixir. We provide custom made Spa products together with Various Rollers and Gua sha face massage tools. We search for the best quality of natural products, produced in a fair and sustainable way.

My name is Bernadette. I started to work with Aromatherapy about 15 years ago. I am really passionate about the power of nature. Besides essential oils, I work with phytotherapy (plants and herbs) as well.

The name 'Moods' comes from the emotions we all have within us and the power of nature to influence your wellbeing in a very positive way.

The Seahorse in our logo symbolises the pureness and balance of nature, which is very important for our products. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our products. If you have an idea or request I would be happy to help you.